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Application Security

Combining advanced testing technologies with extensive hands-on experience, SwayersUK brings its professional expertise to build security into your software at every stage of the development lifecycle.

Cyber risk and security require a proactive and intelligence-driven approach. Software Intelligence shifts insight into security strategy blind spots before development starts.

By introducing security early in the development lifecycle, Iflexion meets your demands for stronger data protection and delivers measurable returns. We weave security into the Software Development Lifecycle, thus, allowing you to derive additional benefits including the reduction of TCO and incident response expenses.

Software Intelligence reduces spurious findings flagged by traditional tools to focus efforts on the flaws that application security tools can’t catch: malicious code gaining forbidden access to data, lack of input validation and back doors. Intelligence to cut through the noise and find the biggest threats.

Building Strategy

SwayersUK enforces a comprehensive security strategy for your initiative as to identify key milestones and deliverables and permit the integration of security and privacy in a way that minimizes any disruption to plans and schedules.

Securing Development

Our team utilizes latest tools to take advantage of the most recent security trends and reduce the number and severity of vulnerabilities throughout all phases of the development process.

Managing Vulnerabilities

We are capable of taking over further vulnerability management by developing an initial incident response plan, implementing processes to test and apply critical security fixes, and providing L1-L3 customer support.

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