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Cloud Solutions

The cloud computing has fueled digital transformation like no other technology disruption before it. Cloud permeates all company sizes, industries, and geographies as enterprises need to continually innovate and grow, and take advantage of the agility, flexibility and speed of cloud

Cloud Solution gives you anytime, anywhere access to your files and applications – allowing you to work from more places and grow more efficient. Additionally you can keep your business-critical data and applications guarded by monitoring projects and controlling who has access to your sensitive information.

At STA Infotech, we are helping today’s global enterprises become intuitively digital by using cloud as part of their strategy to derive new insights ,unlock new opportunities and build new models for creating richer and more meaningful customer experiences.

  • Workload Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Availability Management
  • Security Management
  • Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Change Management

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