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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a new data protection law that all organisations need to comply with, or they could end up facing large fines from regulators.

While GDPR retains lots of the rules from the existing data protection laws, the new directive has a much broader scope in order to help individuals have more say in the use of their data.

This added complexity adds many challenges to existing processes, business practices and to the use of technology and how personal data is stored and used.

It can be difficult to know if your company is complying with GDPR laws and if not what needs to be done to ensure you meet the rules. Compliance is the only way to avoid the potential of heavy financial penalties, and the loss of trust from your customers.

  • Dematerialization of processes.
  • Physical protection of original documents.
  • Internal/external interaction.
  • Greater security.
  • Improvement of workflows.
  • More efficient management.
  • Total compliance with the Regulation.

How SwayersUK can help you become GDPR compliant
The GDPR laws are challenging, but how they are best applied will be depend on your business. SwayersUK’s team are capable of working with organisations of all sizes to develop full GDPR compliance via the implementation of technical IT solutions and the development of best practices.

For some companies the changes required by GDPR could be small and for others they could require significant changes to IT systems.

The team at SwayersUK are experienced on GDPR laws and we can provide consultancy services that make the process easy for your organisation.

Our team can modify your IT systems and processes in line with GDPR expectations. GDPR can be technical, but we can talk you through what is required in simple language without the jargon.


We help our clients meet GDPR compliance by working through a robust and methodical process.

Evaluation Stage – SwayersUK will perform an in depth evaluation of your existing GDPR position, before suggesting the best possible solutions.

Roadmap Stage – Once our recommendations are in place we will create a detailed GDPR roadmap that shows how we will bring your technology and practices in line with GDPR laws

Implementation Stage – The final step is to implement the required changes to ensure your IT systems and practices are providing the correct data protection and compliance

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