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Experience in web design and development to help you implement integrated systems and processes to scale new frontiers.

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SwayersUK offers flexible pricing models that serve the purpose and works in the interest of clients.
We believe in delivering complete value for money to our clients that procure Hidden Brains services, solutions or products.

Our pricing models are crafted keeping our mutual interests in mind. We understand that pricing plays a key role when deciding on the service providers. To support our clients, we have a set of transparent pricing strategies coupled with the combination of ‘right’ elements that are at par with the industry standards.

Time and material pricing model is best suited for projects where the scope is not clearly defined and requirements keep changing dynamically during the onset, mid stage or implementation process. This pricing model allows clients to take control over the development progress and cost, instead of taking a guess and facing additional overpriced changes leading to disappointment. If you are looking for complete transparency and wish to explore opportunities coming in the way of development and implementation, time and material is the most apt model for you. It offers a high degree of flexibility to modify project specifications, try and experiment with new activity and make changes to the number of project resources depending upon the client’s evolving requirements, over the project lifecycle.
Under the fixed price model, we help you to reap maximum benefit by predefining the project plan, deciding its priorities and laying out a detailed execution strategy. This pricing model is most appropriate for small and medium size projects wherein all the specifications and requirements are predefined, right before the start of the project development. Fixed price model is also known as lump sum model and it requires strict adherence of deadlines as the service provider endures the risks involved in the project. This model gives an advantage to clients in the form of setting an exact budget in advance, thereby giving them a peace of mind.
SwayersUK offers risk reward pricing model in an endeavor to give our global clientele maximum results at affordable costs. This flexible pricing approach enables both, the customer and the service provider to face the mutual risks and avail the benefits of a particular project. Risk Reward Pricing Model has a flat rate pricing structure where additional payments depend on specific end results. All the parties agree to monitor the project’s success and evaluate the end result using a standard set of metrics applicable to everyone involved equally. Through risk reward pricing model, we allow customers to supervise a project unitedly as a joint venture. This also strengthens the relationship between client and the company.

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